About Us

~We do not live off our poodles, we live for our poodles~

Denis and Linda Schaffer


I went to school for Veterinary Technician in Pittsburgh PA. A year after completing my schooling, I was working for a vet in Manassas, VA, when one day a lady came in with her two wonderful standard show poodles. She was early for her appointment  and I was on my lunch break. As I sat there talking to the owner of those standards, I fell in love with the breed. She went over all the long hard hours of grooming, showing, and testing that had to be done and why a breeder must do that. I knew at that point that someday I would love to show and raise these fine creatures. A few months later I learned how to groom dogs! About a year after that I got my first Standard Poodle. Although I did not breed or show my first poodle, I loved to watch people fall in love with the breed as I did, as my hubby did, and as my family did. I feel everyone sometime in their life should be graced with the presence of a Standard Poodle.

Linda's daughters Myranda and Kersty


Eye Candy


For honor of the standards

We believe that attention to quality and temperament are essential to a well bred dog. Health testing is necessary for happy, active, long living beautiful companions and show dogs alike!


Because of our love for poodles.....

Our puppies are bred to be loved! Intelligence, affection, beauty and willingness to please are just a few of the attributes that come with our puppies. These traits are due to our dedication to the breed and careful selection of the very best poodles. 


For love, laughter and frindendship

If you are looking for a friend to be with you, share your good times and bad, that will not judge you, will comfort and love you, give you laughter and companionship, one of our pups will fill the bill.